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Alasdair Fulton
Posted on 05.11.2009 04:15
HI, We have a number of machines with Dewesoft 6.6.3 installed and some of them have multi-core processors. (My machine is a Core 2 and our lab workstation has a Xeon E5420 Quad-Core) When reviewing vibration data recorded at a high sample-rate (12500Hz/Channel) on the FFT display (8k or 16k line resolution) the processors all max-out on one core and do nothing on the other cores and the computer often struggles to keep up (jumpy display, pauses, etc.). Clearly this is quite a processor-intensive task and it would be good if our multi-core machines were able to use more of their available processing capability. Is this a software, or hardware problem? Is dewesoft optimised for multi-core machines? Regards, Alasdair
nick arran

Posted on 22.03.2010 12:27
dewesoft 7 has a "use multiple cores if available" option in global setup. dewesoft 6.6 has an option in the Dewesoft Tuner utility on the Add-on Options page - "Number of calculation threads to use". We have "from number of processors" selected. Certainly our dual core analysis machine "hangs" totally when exporting dewe files to matlab and refuses to start any other task until it's finished. Try that.
DEWESoft Administrator
Latin America Regional Manager
Posted on 29.03.2010 09:10
Multiple cores are used whenever possible (calculation of reduced data, math functions). We have also tried to split the task for drawing data on the screen and this failed, there was no increase in performance. FFT is calculated in display engine (since it needs to be calculated only if drawn) and therefore uses only single core.
rose sophos

Posted on 24.11.2018 22:24

The users will definitely get a better performance by using multi-core processor. If they get any issues like error may get an actual solution from that will guide to them to recover these issues.

rose sophos

Posted on 24.11.2018 22:25

thank you

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