PCM Plugin problem Tarsus 10.4.3. Decom Import-Export bug

Chris Ludlow

Posted on 14.12.2015 20:25

In the previous version of the PCM plugin I was using, 10.2.14, on the Decom tab I could import and export the full frame and all Same Named variables would be grouped together. In the new 10.4.3 version, this grouping of same named variables does not work.


In my Decom Frame the variable X1 occurs 10 times, so I have X1 declared once and listed 10 times in the variable's location table.

When I export this to CSV, is adds 10 lines for X1 to the CSV file.

When I re-import this (using 10.4.3), X1 is declared as 10 separate variables in the Decom frame.

When I re-import this (using 10.2.14) X1 is properly declared only once with 10 entries in its location table.

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