opening a video (.avi) in data analysis

Catherine Keigher

Posted on 30.10.2012 15:52
Hello, I have some recorded datafiles that I can open in the analysis section of DEWESoft 7.0.3. The day I recorded the results I made a video on my simple camera which is an .avi file. I did not set up this camera wit DEWESoft before the test, but I am wondering is it possible for me to open this video within the analysis and have it running alongside my graph results? All help is very much appreciated! thank you very much!
DEWESoft Administrator
Latin America Regional Manager
Posted on 03.11.2012 04:48
It is possible to post synchronize separate video file in existing Dewesoft file. The procedure is described in Dewesoft tutorials in section Video acquisition - Video post synchronization.
David Sarsa

Posted on 10.01.2014 08:27
Following the tuto, I opened my video in analysis with success.
After treatment, I'd like to export my whole work in AVI video (graphic signal coupled with video post synchronized).
Unfortunately It looks impossible with post-synch video, DEWE 7.1 make an error when I use to 'edit' -> 'export video'.
Did I make some thing wrong?
Does exist any way to export AVI with post-synch video?

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