Only saving of triggered data

Harm -

Posted on 26.09.2014 12:30

If the storing options are set to "always fast", the static aquisition of data is always stored as well.

My case:

  • Signals with sample rate 200 kHz.
  • I use some math functions to reduce the data to blocks of 0.25 or 1 second with the details I need (some channels with blocks of 1 sec, others 0.25 seconds, etc).
  • I store this math data as triggered data.
  • However, also the static data is stored (with a quite small time base), and this increases my file size (and reduces performance).
    On a Minitaur, this leads to "data lost" warnings ans CPU load is up to 98%...

So my question is: can I prevent the "static aquisition" from being stored in the d7d file (and prevent it from being calculated)?


Sašo Piskar
Senior Software Engineer
Posted on 02.10.2014 08:07

Static data rate means speed/rate of first reduced buffer. There are actually more reduced buffers, each next one slower than the previous one.

Reduced buffers are part of Dewesoft data file structure and are needed for faster loading and displaying. Reduced buffers add only about 3-4% to the whole file size and cannot be disabled.

Data lost warning means that you are reaching the limit of your computers performance, and could be caused by something in your setup configuration (calculations, displays, number of channels,...).

It would be best if you send your setup file to our support ([email protected]) and we will help you solve the problem.

Harm -

Posted on 22.10.2014 11:44

Eventually I have decided to not use the Minitaur for this measurement. The Atom processor (older type of Minitaur) is too slow to be used with both math channels and a high sampling rate of 200kHz.

On a DEWE43 and a standalone PC, it is no problem.

Thanks anyway for your support.

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