Offline CAN viewing

Phil Gooch

Posted on 19.07.2016 08:30

I have recorded some CAN data in the hope of processing it offline. What is the best way to view data offline? it would be great if it were possible to see the CAN channels as if they were live in the "channel setup->CAN" screen - Is that possible?

We find the channel setup screen very useful as you get those little green dots in the frequency column that quickly identify what's actually transmitting.

The reason we want to work offline is that when in the vehicle we were unable to receive any information on the PGN's that we have been given. Almost all of the information we were expecting to see is on PGN 65520 but we received nothing over PGN 65322 despite selecting Scan and Store All Messages.

This may be a wiring or programming issue on the PLC side.

Phil Gooch

Posted on 19.07.2016 08:39

Here is the stored data along with the PGN list from the PLC programmer.

Luka Jerman
Software Engineer II
Posted on 26.07.2016 15:10

Hello Phil,

Unfortunately there is no way to reproduce that flickering in CAN channel setup in offline mode. The scan option actually reveals which channels were received during file acquisition and adds them to the current channel list. To see only those messages that were received make a copy of the file, delete the channels in CAN channel list and perform the scan. This way only the received messages will appear without those that were defined prior to acquisition.

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