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phil robinson

Posted on 09.03.2018 12:24

Hi everyone. I have a question regarding the ODS animation feature with in dewesoft X2. I will be collecting data with 16 channels of acceleration, and using one channel as the excitation channel and then using the other 15 channels as response channels. I have also created the geometry required.

For the machine I need to map for an ODS, I will need to obtain data from 64 channels, this equates to at least 4 runs of 16 channels, keeping 1 channel at the same location for a reference. The issue I have is as follows.

I can only select one excitation channel and lots of repsonce channels. For the ODS to work correctly, I would need four excitation channels, one from each run as the reference channel on each run would have a different phase (I know I can import data from all of the files to create one 'super file' with all the data. Is it possible for the dewesoft software to do what I require or do I need to create four separate ODS's



Jernej Sirk
NVH Application Engineer
Posted on 12.03.2018 13:39

Dear Mr. Robinson,

with the current version of modal test in DEWESoft you can select only on response and multiple excitations, and vice-versa.

With the new version of the math module, you will be able to select multiple excitation and multiple response channels.

The new version will be released this April.

Best regards,

Jernej Sirk

application engineer DSA

DEWESoft d.o.o.

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