Odometer for NMEA GPS

Graeme Smith

Posted on 24.03.2010 03:06
I understand that you can use a "latch math" channel to create an odometer from GPS data, but I can't figure it out. Has anyone got any clues or sample files? Cheers, Smithy
DEWESoft Administrator
Latin America Regional Manager
Posted on 29.03.2010 07:15
You don't need latch – you can do that by simple math formula: »GPS_Dist« - hold(»GPS_DIST«;trigger) where the trigger is your reset criteria.
Haitham Luthfi

Posted on 06.03.2011 09:46
I use common Garmin GPS and I use GPS gate software to transfer NMEA protocol to DEWESoft. But unfortunately, it doesn't provide odometer/displacement value. could I create it from the X absolute and Y absolute GPS coordinate?
Dejan Cencelj

Posted on 07.03.2011 08:53
Hello, You can do this with Polygon plugin. Here is a [url=http://www.dewesoft.com/download/section/6]link[/url] to the list of all plugins. If you are using DEWESoft 7.0.3+ you can use version 2.0. Best R
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