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Jacky Ma
Posted on 13.07.2018 11:59

Dear Support,

A customer wants to know the calculation method of the Octave regarding to the update rate setting.

As the picture shown, if the update rate is 100ms. Does DeweSoft taken 100ms of time domain data to calculate a Octave result? Since I know the calculation time should be determined by resolution and sample rate. I wonder how can it be set freely if sample rate and 1/3 resolution has been set.

best regards,


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Jernej Sirk
NVH Application Engineer
Posted on 21.08.2018 12:31

Dear Zero,

In the Octave analysis, if you select 100 ms Update rate in the Block history calculation type,

the program will take 100 ms of time domain data and perform calculation on this data.

Best regards,

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