OBDII Sample rate

Phil Gooch

Posted on 09.06.2016 08:21

This afternoon we have been experimenting with the OBDII cable and setup that we have with our Dewe43.

Our usual test vehicle is a Toyota Land Cruiser but we dont have any that can be driven at the moment so I used my personal Mazda 6. I enabled the OBDII plugin and I can see a lot of data coming through to dewesoft which, is good.

However, what is the limitation on sample rate? Dewesoft hardware/software or the vehicle?

The fastest sample rate we can achieve appears to be 0.2Hz for Vehicle Speed and 0.3Hz for RPM. We were hoping to achieve at least 10Hz

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 09.06.2016 09:04


it is possible, that the lower sample rate is only shown in channel setup. Is the same sample rate shown also in the measurement?
The sample rate is also depends on how many channels are enabled.
Is the same sample rate also if only the RPM channel is enabled?

Phil Gooch

Posted on 11.06.2016 00:34

Thanks for your reply. I believe the sample rate issue was caused by our licence not covering the OBD interface cable. However, this has since been resolved and the same rate has increased.

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