OBDII Data stops mid-measurement

Phil Gooch

Posted on 11.06.2016 00:42

This morning I have been testing the OBDII interface to familiarise myself with the functionality. I configured Dewesoft to use vehicle speed and engine RPM and set two gauges to show these on the measurement screen.

When I started to drive, both of these gauges moved quickly and correctly as they should.

However, around half way through the drive, both gauges stopped moving and the only way to get them to work again was to restart the vehicle and re-connect the OBDII cable. Throughout the test the green LED on the CAN port stayed illuminated and all connections were secure.

Attached are the setup and results files.

Attached files:
DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 13.06.2016 09:41


to help you with this issue, we would need a little more information about the issue.

After the data stops coming into DEWESoft, what needs to be done to see the data normally again?

1. go to setup and back in measurement
2. restart DEWESoft
3. restart PC on which runs DEWESoft
4. restart the car

Phil Gooch

Posted on 14.06.2016 08:31


We will carry out further testing tomorrow and get back to you.

Phil Gooch

Posted on 20.06.2016 06:41

Following up on this, we have not yet had time to resume testing.

Phil Gooch

Posted on 07.07.2016 08:14

We have completed further testing today and not replicated the earlier problem. We have upgraded to SP6 since the first test so that may have somethign to do with it.

Everything seems to be working OK now.

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