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Gillebert Antonius

Posted on 05.12.2013 16:57
Our company is a common user of Dewesoft for all kind of measurements. Within a few months we gonna measure noise levels under water with hydrophones.
Therefore we could use the noise math setup in Dewesoft. But there is 1 problem, the noise dB calculations in Dewesoft is only suitable for noise in air (microphones)
There is 1 big difference between noise in air and water, the reference value in order to calculate de dB scale. For air that is 20 uPa and noise in water 1 uPa.

It would be great if this value becomes selectable in the upcoming Dewesoft version. Could anyone from Dewesoft tell me if this is possible?
I suppose this is not a major change in the software.
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 10.12.2013 08:41
Hello Gillebert,

This is known request, but can't give estimate on implementation since other priorities. If you leave me mail to support, i can add you to be notified when implemented.

Best regards
Gillebert Antonius

Posted on 10.12.2013 08:56
Please send the notofication to:       mti_md  (at)   mtiholland (dot) com


Jure Knez
President & cofounder
Posted on 03.01.2014 15:45
The selection for sound reference is available from Dewesoft X1 SP4 b243 on. You have two choices for reference:
- air (20 uPa) and
- water (1 uPa).

Please write back if this works fine for you.
Gillebert Antonius

Posted on 06.01.2014 10:04
That's great.

However, I found out that Dewesoft X is not compatible with our DEWE50 USB2-8 data aquisition system (DAQP-stg cards or Charge B for the hydrophones)
We use Dewesoft 7.0.6 at the moment.
Is it possible to implement the reference choices in a Dewesoft version that we can use?
We have 2 dewesoft units working on Dewesoft X in the laboratory but we can't take them for field work.
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 07.01.2014 08:14
Hello Gillebert,

Function is also available in DEWESoft 7.1.1 b244 available online now. Under Hardware Setup > Math > select 'Sound level meter'. When adding Sound level module that will give you option to select Medium (water or air).

Best regards
Gillebert Antonius

Posted on 07.01.2014 08:58
Thanks, it looks perfect.
This month I gonna try it out with a hydrophone.
When will this version become an official release?
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