No prompt for saving changes to a Dewesoft Setup file

Dino Morio

Posted on 16.01.2018 15:45

Why doesn't the Dewesoft prompt when closing a setup file that has unsaved changes?

I had hoped this most basic of feature would have been resolved when upgrading from X2 to X3 !!!

It prompts for a sequence file though.

Chris Ludlow

Posted on 23.01.2018 21:00

+1 on this request

Dino Morio

Posted on 25.01.2018 10:02

Hi, What does it mean?

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 15.02.2018 08:43


I believe Chris just meant to say that he agrees with your comment. It's my understanding that not having prompt, warning you about unsaved changes to a setup file, has been sort of a company philosophy for some time. To add a checking mechanism on top of the original programming structure would be quite a challenge. It can of course be done, but so far we haven't seen a large amount of users request this feature. I'll try to keep track of all of the users that do request it, which will perhaps sway the development/management team to decide to implement this feature.

In the meantime, we actually already have a similar feature in place, which allows you to recover accidentally unsaved data. The feature is called "Load last setup", and it allows you to load the last setup before DEWESoft was closed. Therefore, if you've modified your setup but forgot to save it before closing DEWESoft, you can re-open the program and use this feature to retrieve your progress. I've attached a picture which shows where you can access it.

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