NI cards / Labview plugin

FX Resche

Posted on 11.05.2012 10:04
Hello, For my application, I need to access NI9205, NI9234 and NI9217 via DEWESoft. Unfortunately these NI cards are not supported yet. Is it possible to add new supported hardware using plugins created in Labview? If so, some examples/tutorials in Labview are available? Thanks for your help.
DEWESoft Administrator
Latin America Regional Manager
Posted on 11.05.2012 12:29
It is much simpler than that. A description file can be added to the system folder describing special cards. Here is the example for USB-9234 To get more info about that, please contact [email protected]
Herru Sulistyo

Posted on 13.09.2013 12:54

I'm interesting with this thread. would you please re-assign the example?
The link file is no more accessible. wish I could create the description file to extend flexibility of Dewesoft.
Estevao Zanatta

Posted on 29.03.2019 16:48

Hi, I have two questions.

The first: Can we also communicate National cards with Dewesoft for X2?

The second, I could not access the tutorial because the link is not working. Can you make it available again?

Thank you

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