need to understand some things about the channels that get exported when I export to excel

Rick Emerling

Posted on 26.04.2017 13:44

I'm running X2 SP8

1) I start X2, and then open an existing DXD file. When I go to the Export tab, all of the channels are checked. This includes the "variable" channels. That must be default behavior, true?

2) When I perform an acquisition, I am running from a DEWESoft sequence. After the data acquisition is complete, I use the "Export Data" block to export. How does X2 determine which channels will be exported ? Are they defined in the setup file that I loaded at the beginning of my sequence?


Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 28.04.2017 08:47

Hi Rick,

by default in the export tab all the channels are selected for export, however you can set which channels will be exported in the setup file. To do this you click on the More.. button and add the Channels option, right click on the top of the table, click edit columns and select the exported option. If you add this, you can set which channels will be checked for export in the acquired datafile. In newer versions of DEWESoft, the export of global variables is set in the settings, so in the Global channels view, these channels will be greyed out.

So like you said, the channels that will be exported are defined in the setup file, that you load at the beginning of your sequence.

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