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robert levanti
Support Engineer 1
Posted on 10.09.2019 16:33
I've been trying to use my own map images in both the Map VC and GPS displays without success.  I have a georeferenced TIF (attached) that processes without any errors, but does not generate any tile images in the target directory.  I have also tried to use JPG images in the GPS display.  I calibrate two points on the map and and save the calibration, but when shifting to the View tab the background is still black.  Any advice or guidance is appreciated.



Scott Eichhorn

Posted on 10.09.2019 16:53
Here is a link to the example TIF file, since it's too large to attach here.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 18.09.2019 13:40


thank you for letting us know about this issue. We were able to see the same issue here as well and it should be fixed soon. We will create a new post in this forum as soon as you will be able to download the working version.

Primoz Lapi
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 15.11.2019 14:59


this is fixed in Dewesoft X3 SP9 release which is on the web page.

You can transfer the version here:

Best regards,


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