Multiple direct-x cameras

Tim Baraks

Posted on 23.03.2015 12:22

Hello, I'm trying to use multiple direct-x compatible cameras with a Dewesoft S-Box but only 1 camera is working at a time. I am wondering what the capabilities are when using direct-x cameras and if multiple cameras are possible. Thanks

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 26.03.2015 15:15

Hi, yes, DEWESoft can use more then one DirectX cameras. 

This is how:

- first go to settings, devices and click on "+" button

- in the pop-up window click on "+" next to DirectX

- all DirectX cameras will appear under devices>DirectX

- in channel setup, Video tab will appear

- here cameras can be set on used or unused

- when going to measure, both cameras should be available