missing export file types

gianni Roose

Posted on 26.10.2015 11:51


A colleague of me wanted to export a measured signal to a wave file but .wav and a few other file types were not in the selection list.

He used Dewesoft X1 SP2

On my pc, when I use Dewesoft X1 SP8, I see much more file types and i'ts no problem to export to .wav file.

But when I open Dewesoft X2 SP4 the .wav type and a few other types are also missing.

Does this has something to do with some settings or the installation of Dewesoft or does it depend on the version ?

How can I add those other file types which are available in other Dewesoft installations ?



DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 26.10.2015 12:37


if the export is missing, it can be added to DEWESoft. This is how:

1. Login to our web page and go to downloads section (http://www.dewesoft.com/download)

2. Find the correct export addon and download the *.zip file

3. After the file is downloaded, unzip the file and copy the file into DEWESoft addons folder (\DEWESoftX2\Bin\X2\Addons)

4. The export should appear in DEWESoft.

If the file is in the addons folder but the export is still missing in DEWESoft, addons needs to be refreshed.

Go to settings->extensions and press refresh button:

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