Merge Excel Data with Dewesoft

A Sam

Posted on 08.06.2016 18:54

Hi there,

While we do our vibration analysis using the Dewe 43A setup, we generate an excel file (via another system) that gives us location references against time. Basically a two column excel sheet with time and a chainage value (ft) of the location tag. Is there any way I can merge this excel file with the Dewesoft vibration data so I might be able to reference the high shocks to location tags.


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 09.06.2016 06:30


you can copy data from Excel and paste it in a Vector/Matrix constant, which will allow you to display it on a 2D graph. When copying the data, you should also select the channel labels. I've attached two pictures that should help guide you through the process.

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