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Brandon Marsella

Posted on 25.07.2011 22:10
Hey so esentially I am trying to create a Matlab gui similiar to one you have posted on your site. However I want to have a button which calls dewesoft using activex and then saves a loaded file into other named files as a .mat. I'm working through your .m GUI code and I see you have h. global variable. After I run the code and I type h. and then hit tab in the MATLAB command window I get a list of control variables such as "MeasureSampleRate". Essentially I need to know how to properly call those controls and what they return when I do so. Do you happen to have any documentation on this and if not what do you think would be the best way to figure it out. Thanks, Brandon
DEWESoft Administrator
Latin America Regional Manager
Posted on 27.07.2011 10:37
Brandon, Engineer working on this is currently on vacation. He will contact you next week when he is back.
Dewesoft Developer

Posted on 01.08.2011 08:20
Brandon, as far as I can understand you need documentation for our DCOM interface. This documenatation can be found on our web page under: Dewesoft 7->Developers->Manuals:DCOM programming guide In the DCOM there are also function for exporting data to different formats (including matlab format). So the logic for your application would be to open Dewesoft via Matlab and load the setup file. Than go to measure mode and store the data. Go to analys mode load data file and go to export to export the data in Matlab file. Best regards, Tilen.
Ripul Ghosh

Posted on 25.06.2012 05:17
Tilen, Thanks for the information. But i found the DCOM programming guide do not have MATLAB interface documentation. It is still showing the old 2006 documentation. When the new release will come? As you told in the previous reply that we can open DEWESoft through MATLAB and subsequently can do the measurement and analysis process, but how these things can be done plz give me details. Regards Ripul
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