Math folders

Kristian Erlandsson

Posted on 16.01.2019 15:18

I have been working with bus data read via Serial Com. This creates a large number of low level information where I have used a number of math functions such as masking and reading individual bits and also a large number of formulas to make something useful of the data flow.

In all this creates a very large number of math functions (100+). It is now very hard to find and change individual functions if needed.

I would have great help of a possibility to create "folders" with functions. The folder itself does not need to have any function but keeping a bunch of formulas.

That way I could create folders with names I can remember and find my functions faster instead of scrolling through all of them.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 17.01.2019 07:55

Dear Kristian,

we added your request to the wish list. We will notify you when there is an update on your request.


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