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Matt Bosco

Posted on 12.06.2024 14:33

For machinery vibration analysis, please explain how to continuously display a FFT preview / 2D plot with vibration amplitude (peak to peak) on the Y-Axis and orders of running speed on the X-axis?

I was able to generate the desired graph (see below) as a cut of a 3D waterfall plot however I'd like the plot to continuously display data (similar to FFT preview). The cut below only displays data associated with a run-up or a coast-down.

If this needs to be part of a future upgrade, my ideal implementation would be to have a drop down in the FFT preview widget options to select X-axis units (Hz, orders, CPM) and a dropdown to specify the frequency / speed channel. I have both the Orbit Analysis and Order Tracking licenses.

Also another enhancement to the FFT preview and 2D graph: Please add a text field to automatically display the selected "Amplitude display" on the plot. This is important for reporting. In the screenshot below, the selected Amplitude display is "Peak-Peak" so ideally "Peak-Peak" would appear next to the units on the Y-axis label. Also, the "RMS" button currently in the top right is misleading....I recommend moving or renaming it.... a user may assume that the displayed amplitude is RMS.

Pika Kreča Šmid

Posted on 14.06.2024 14:41

Dear Matt,

thank you for reaching out to us.

I believe the functionality you are looking for can be achieved by using the Order waterfall vs. time function:

The channel, acc/Order waterfall [time] can then be assigned to a 2D graph: