lost data - post processing

Christopher Buike

Posted on 09.03.2018 18:59

I've tried to merge some lost data files (files which are created after data lost e.g. datafile.lost0.dxd datafile.lost1.dxd etc.) but the time does not increase to include the other data files after merge.

Is there a way to do this to have one complete data file less the lost data?

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 15.03.2018 13:43


you unfortunately can't append data in DEWESoft. The base file which you're adding to will be used as the "time base provider". What I mean by this is that data will only be added to the file if it's within the bounds of the original file. If you import data by relative time, then the samples of the second file will simply be added to the begging of the base file.

The only way to merge two files in the way you want would be to export both to txt, merge them, and then import them back into DEWESoft. That shouldn't be too problematic if you have smaller files, but anything in the 100 MB range can be a bit more difficult to deal with.

Also, if you're experiencing lost files often, then this might be something worth troubleshooting. Software/firmware updates are a good start. If you need any other help, just let us know.

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