Load setup from plugin

Martin Delecluse

Posted on 27.02.2017 14:09


I am developping a plugin for Dewesoft 7.1.3, that allows a remote system to load a specific setup file, and then put the system into Measure mode.

I tried several call sequence of Init(), Start(), Stop(), LoadSetup() and Measure() but without success so far.
Thus, I am wondering if there is a specific set of steps to perform in order to load a setup and then put the system in Measure mode.

For your information, here is the code snippet I am currently using:

HRESULT iResult = app->Stop();
iResult = app->LoadSetup(configName);
iResult = app->Init();
VARIANT_BOOL started = false;
iResult = app->Start(&started);
iResult = app->Measure();

The result is that the setup is loaded (I can see the setup name on top of the Dewesoft main frame), but the system is frozen and does not respond to user interaction.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 06.03.2017 10:03


could you please try calling "Init" at the start? I believe that "Init" should be called first, followed by "LoadSetup" and finally "Start". This should allow you to initialize DEWESoft, load the setup and start the measurement.

If this still won't work then please report back and I'll consult with the developtment team.

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