Load and read dxd file from DEWEsoft with data plugin labview

cheddad nordine

Posted on 01.12.2016 17:04

i need to read a file dxd , acquisition from dewesoft sp8 rc11, with dataplugin labview , i have a dataplugin but i don't know how to do conversion and how to read my sample in the dxd file, thank you for your information please

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DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 21.12.2016 12:42


I've tested out the plugin and was able to read the data from a single channel. The configuration that I used is shown in the attached picture. My data file, also attached, had two channels, a "Sine wave" and an "Analog channel". When I switched the input string the waveform changed accordingly.

I'm not familiar with LabView enough to offer any advanced advice as to how the connections should be made and which blocks should be used with which properties. The best thing for that would probably be to check out some of LabView's guides, such as this one. One thing that I can see right away from you pictures is that you're not passing the "storage ref number" from the Read data to the Get properties block, so maybe that could be a potential issue.

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