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Shaun Maconaghy

Posted on 04.06.2018 22:10


Is the basic statistics limited to 50,000 samples for calculations? I am performing a calculation on data and then using the sample based, running statistic "sum" to get the total of that calculation throughout the time series. 50,000 samples is the largest value allowed as the block size. I have attached a picture of the setup for clarity.

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Urban Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 05.06.2018 13:13


if you are using running as the calculation type, then the block size is limited by the buffer size and the sample rate.

If you want to have a bigger block size, the workaround would be to use the block based calculation type with an overlap that has a 1 sample span (see attached photo). This will work basically the same as running calculation type.

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