Licence Mobility

nick arran

Posted on 05.11.2013 12:34
I just bought a licence for the dewesoft Power module; which came in the form of a licence number.  I believe I can install the licence on up to 2 computers and it will work whenever one of those computers is connected to a particular dewe-43.

I have two PC's and one dewe-43, so that's fine; but I was thinking of replacing one of the PCs ... will I be able to move the licence to the new PC or should I hang fire until I get it before installing the licence on a second computer?
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 05.11.2013 14:23
Hello Nick,

You can copy license to the DEWE-43 like described here:
nick arran

Posted on 05.11.2013 14:53
Thanks Marjan,   I'll try that as soon as I get home to my dewe and laptops.   It's great that the license lives on the dewe-43 itself rather than being locked to a particular PC :¬)
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