Krypton - Ethercat and lost packet

Helmut O'Brian

Posted on 24.06.2017 15:15

Hi Slovenia !

We have a system which consists in a ECAT Sync Juncion several Krypton modules (4 x LV and one 8 DI/DO) chained together and all sync-ed by a DS IRIG AC/DC module.

Sometimes when we record data, we get a file named "lost packet".

I just wanted to know, what are the conditions that lead to this packet loss ? Why do we loose packets ?

I have to explain this to my customer with who I am testing the system.

I use DEWESoft SP8 (build 18). Can't change version (space industry).

Thanks a lot for your answer !


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 27.06.2017 10:44


since there is a Krypton DI/DO in the EtherCAT chain, upgrading the software to the SP9 release could resolve the problem.
It is also possible the problem occurs because of the high cable lengths or EtherCAT driver.

Can I ask what are the cable lengths and which version of the EtherCAT driver is used?

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