kml Exort

Stefan Jaik

Posted on 12.12.2013 20:38
We have a long in vecicle data aquisition setup with the DS-CAN logger. Recording ist done with "fast on trigger slow otherwise" setting. A USB GPS transceiver is connected. We want to export the GPS data of the whole (slow) measurment to .kml for visualisation in Google Earth. But GPS data ist only exported when fast, triggered aquisition ist active. How can we export the slow GPS data to .kml? 
Stefan Jaik

Posted on 13.01.2014 09:53
a quick request: is a solution in sight?
Stefan Jaik

Posted on 31.03.2014 19:00

the Google Earth 2.0 KML Export (Downloads - kml export) works fine, thanks!

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