J1939 box greyed out - Why?

Phil Gooch

Posted on 18.01.2017 01:10

I have noticed that the J1939 tick box is occasionally greyed-out either in the checked or un-checked state.

What are the rules that control when the check-box is greyed out? It does sometimes appear to be random!

Luka Jerman
Software Engineer II
Posted on 20.01.2017 08:43

Hello Phil,

The J1939 box is greyed out and locked for edit on a CAN port as soon as the first message is defined on that port. This is because non J1939 CAN and J1939 CAN messages are mutually exclusive because of the different way DEWESoft reads out the arbitration ID of messages. Therefore you have to pick the correct setting before you can decode the messages. (With store all messages option activated you can decode everything in offline mode even if you make a mistake.)


Luka Jerman

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