IRIG hold?

Brad Strobel
Posted on 25.04.2008 09:17
Are there any variables that would enable access to the current IRIG time, similar to the variable "time". ex. hold(time,cond) I would like to be able to hold the current irig time when a condition happens instead of getting an elapsed time.
Jure Knez
Posted on 27.04.2008 23:57
The math result in Dewesoft 6 is a single precision value, so it can't work to output absolute time because the result will not be precise. As you may know we are working on next major release of the software. Dewesoft 7 have the variable result structure in math formulas so we will be able to do such things. For the moment in version 6 the only chance is to write a plugin which would do this task, but this requires a programming knowledge.
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