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Ronald Swecker

Posted on 06.06.2019 20:57

I have a vibration channel that I am triggering off of using an "if" statement. This is working fine, but unfortunately at certain times there are noise spikes on the data that causes erroneous triggers. The cause of the noise is known and very repeatable, but is not feasible to be removed. Is therre a way i can trigger, only after a value has exceed the limit by a defined duration? My noise spikes are very short, less than a second, and then returns to normal. I want my trigger to ignore the noise spikes and only output a true statements if my limit has been exceeded for more than 1 second.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 10.06.2019 13:46

Dear Ronald,

is it possible to filter out the noise spikes from the channel? Is it possible that you provide a data so we can try to create a trigger for you needs. We only need the signal with the noisy spikes.

Attached is the documentation, where you can upload your data.


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