Input Control Display

Matthew Boespflug

Posted on 17.08.2010 19:26
Is there any information on how to use the Input Control Display function in 7.0.1 SE? I assume it will allow the user to manually enter a value to be used by the program. I would like the user to be able to enter in a numerical value to be used in various math functions. Thanks.
Sašo Piskar
Senior Software Engineer
Posted on 30.08.2010 23:19
Dear Matthew, Input Controls can now be used only if you have Control Channels. For now Control channels are mounted only with function generator (so that you are able to change parameters live - frequency, amplitude...) or with plugins which support this new feature (i.e.: DSNET plugin, with which you can control either digital output, analog output or virtual variables. Trough virtual variables there are may different options, but this is not the topic of this discussion...). So for now, it is not possible to control math functions trough input controls, but it will be in the near future.
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