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Jared Curtis

Posted on 15.02.2018 17:39


I am currently working on creating a sequencer that runs through the basic steps to create a DeweSoft X3 setup that helps people with less experience easily create a test setup for our lab. I was wondering if there is any way to add text windows to guide them through the sequencer; other than just the title of the Wait block.

Thank you.

Urban Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 16.02.2018 09:52

The sequencer in X3 has a comment block which you could use.

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Jared Curtis

Posted on 16.02.2018 15:37

I have tried using the comment block but I can't seem to figure out how to have it stick around. Whenever I run the sequencer it quickly skips any comment blocks within it. How do I get the block to run and stay on the screen?

Urban Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 23.02.2018 15:10

Sorry, we misunderstood each other. Unfortunately there isn't a way to display a large comment while the sequence is running right now.

I can however add a feature request to our developers, for the comment block to display the message in a popup window.

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