Import Data from Text File

Kierstein Casto

Posted on 06.01.2020 18:12


I am hoping to import data into DEWESoft to perform post processing analysis. I see there is an Import Text File option in the Analyse window, but when trying to import, I receive an error message. Steps below:

I used a trial license to see if this would fix the error, but it still popped up. Is there any way to import more than 1 second of data?



Matic Pevec
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 07.01.2020 08:57

Dear Kierstein,

For *.txt import Professional License is necessary. If you already have Dewesoft device (like Sirius, DEWE43) you can plug it in the computer and import will work without restrictions. Otherwise we can arrange you separate Proffesional license. If you will need it contact us on

Best regards

Matic Pevec

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