How to read a CAN Bus Hexadecimal data?

Steven Tan
Posted on 20.09.2009 23:57
I was able to record from my vehicle OpenCAN the messages in Hexadecimal using Dewesoft, but how do i further read the data in normal numerical values?
DEWESoft Administrator
Latin America Regional Manager
Posted on 29.03.2010 07:18
You can add channels for each CAN message in the CAN channel setup and decode the values from raw hex stream. If you have a DBC library describing the messages, you can also import the library and have all values decoded automatically.
Joshua Holm

Posted on 22.05.2014 20:04

I am having a similar issue as Steven.  I have collected the CAN data but it is in hexadecimal and when I export the data to my analysis software, I cannot find a way to easily convert it to decimal.  I do not have a DBC library (I just scanned for the CAN messages, and set up the channels manually); is there a way to make a .dbc file from my CAN set-up channels in Dewesoft X?

Cedric Wicks

Posted on 03.12.2019 16:51

@DEWESoft Administrator do you have a demonstration on how to do this?!

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