how to open two files


Posted on 27.05.2016 07:21

I want to open two files at the same time in DEWESoft ,

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 27.05.2016 07:57


you didn't specify it, but I believe you're talking about data files, am I correct? If so, you should enable the option in settings, which will allow you to run multiple instances of DEWESoft at the same time. Then, you can simply load up one data file in one window and another one in the second window. You can also import channels from one data file to another using the import option, which will allow you to look at channels from multiple data files in one DEWESoft window. If you can't see the import button, just add it via the plus button.

mehmet subasi

Posted on 09.09.2019 13:56

Hello, @DEWESoft Support

When I import my channels to another project, the channels are imported but all the imported channels are empty. I cannot see any value in the imported channel.


Could you please help me about it? Thank you.

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