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Emanuele Spinosa

Posted on 08.03.2019 11:44

I would like to define a window within a DXD file to export all the acquired signals within this region. In other words, I need to trim my DXD file and then just export the trimmed region (to reduce the exported file size).

I know that I can move the white cursor I and II in the Review tab in Analysis mode, but I have not found a way to locate these cursors precisely at time instants that I can determine with some conditions using the Math channels.

Would you have any suggestion to achieve this?



DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 08.03.2019 12:57

Dear Emanuele,

in the Time selector you can change the presented start time and presented shown time. The presented start time is equal as in your case the first cursor. For the second cursor you need to calculate the time between the cursors, which represent the "Shown time".


Emanuele Spinosa

Posted on 08.03.2019 18:23

Ok, thanks. It should do what I need.

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