How do I create AC RMS Math Channel?

Ben Newman

Posted on 06.05.2016 20:30

I have a 0-333mV current clamp that I would like to record AC current with. I can't find any options to do this.

Using a Dewe43 with X2

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 09.05.2016 06:03


you can read all about measuring current in our PRO training, there's even an example measurement that you can follow along in this section.

After that, calculating the RMS should be easy using basic statistics, as shown in the attached picture. There's also an option to display the RMS instead of the actual data without adding any math channels, which I've highlighted on the Recorder picture. As you can see, the RMS for the sine wave equals:

Irms = Ip/√2 = 0.25/√2 = 0.18,

which matches the calculations in DEWESoft.

Ben Newman

Posted on 09.05.2016 14:06

Thank you that worked. It would be nice if there was a section added to the training about setting up an RMS math channel.

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