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Lemmy Atom

Posted on 29.10.2019 21:31

I'm trying to set up a multi-channel trigger condition in which storing will begin when all channels meet a certain condition not just the first channel to meet the condition.

So far I have 6 analog channels set to simple edge trigger level of 100lbs but when I arm the trigger and start my test storing is triggered by the first channel that passes 100lbs not when ALL channels have passed 100lbs.

I'd like this to be set up like an AND gate not and OR gate.

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Primoz Lapi
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 30.10.2019 11:31


there is no direct way of doing this but there are workarounds that you can use.

1. If you add also the don't store condition for all start trigger conditions, Dewesoft will start storing when all conditions will be met.

2. Since you are only using simple edge trigger conditions, it is also possible to make a formula which will output 1 when all the conditions are met.

Using that formula as trigger should also resolve the problem.

Best regards,

Primož Lapi

Lemmy Atom

Posted on 31.10.2019 17:07

Adding "Don't Store" conditions worked brilliantly.

Thank you

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