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Lino Capponi

Posted on 20.05.2016 13:10


I'm working with a SIRIUSi-HS and the DEWESoft X SP6 and the extension "Power grid analysis". I have some problems with the function "Group FFT lines". Like it is described in the "Power_Manual_V1.5, page 88", it should be possible to insert a value up to 150 kHz. But every time I try to write a value > 80 kHz the change isn't accepted (Dynamic sampling rate is 1 MHz). Are there any known existing issues? What other information could I provide to assist in troubleshooting?

What is the output-value of the function "Group FFT lines" (A 10 cycles average, min/max or something else)?

Thank you

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Bernhard Grasel
Product Manager Power & E-Mobility
Posted on 06.06.2016 10:09

Hi Lino,

Thanks for your request. Since software version SP7 RC31 it’s possible to calculate the Higher-Frequency parts up to 150 kHz.
If you update to this version you now can enter 150 at Grouph FFT lines
(see picture in attachment).

For the calculation of Higher Frequencies up to 150kHz you need an sampling rate of at least 600kS/s

By the way, you can also calculate Harmonics up to 3000 order. The big benefit with this option (and our instruments) is that you then also can calculate the phase angle of the Harmonics. This is unique in market!!!

You can display the individuel Higher Frequencies finally as digital value or in the Recorder. You can also use 2D graph to display all of them together or even a 3D-graph (see picture in attachment).

The Higher-Frequencies are now grouped in 200 Hz lines (according to IEC61000-4-7 and IEC61000-4-30) and you will get the RMS value of the individual HF. Later this year we will also implement a grouping in 2000 Hz bands (can be done in Math in the moment)…. then you have all options for analysing… this is unique!!

Best regards, Bernhard

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