GoPro video not showing up in preview window or taking a really long time to display video feed

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Lemmy Atom

Posted on 21.04.2021 00:37

I got the GoPro plugins installed including the latest desktop app (from the FB page), updated GP firmware, even using the supplied USB-C cord. This is a wired setup, not wireless.

The software will recognize the GoPro no problems, the GoPro even appears in the camera setup widget, however most of the times its just a static GoPro splash screen. Sometimes if I wait long enough the camera feed will finally pop in and begin streaming but mostly it sits and hangs. When I switch to Measurement mode I get that static image again and SOMETIMES it will wake up and stream the live feed but usually not.

Is there a trick to getting this to work consistently? The few times I was able to get a good feed in measurement mode the results were outstanding, until I changed a setting and would have to wait for the camera to respond again.

I realize this is still in Beta so I'm open to feedback


Nina Kovač
Application engineer
Posted on 21.04.2021 11:09

Which GoPro camera are you using? Also, did you set any settings inside Dewesoft before going to measurement mode? You can just list all the settings that you might set while you were in Ch.Setup -> Video tab.

Besides I would always start with checking if GoPro is working in GoPro webcam software properly by selecting the GoPro icon in your taskbar and with a click on Preview. This is important because this is the original source where the GoPro stream will be taken out and connected further to Dewesoft.

If GoPro streaming is ok there, then we would need to check Dewesoft settings. Dewesoft software was yet not optimized for GoPro cameras, because this GoPro webcam SW is still a beta version. We can optimize it according to your preferences and workflow, so you would be able to get the proper video then. From our previous experiences with GoPro webcam software, we did not get proper video quality already in there which then applies to Dewesoft as well.

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