Full Spectrum with Dewesoft 7.0.4

Alberto Ortega

Posted on 01.08.2012 10:57
Hi all, Right now, I'm working whith relative displacement probe signals. It's clear the way to obtain orbits from a X-Y pair probes, but I need calculate the FFT of those orbits, or in other words, the Full Spectrum of a X-Y pair. I cannot find the Full Spectrum Function implemented, so I need your know-how about the software capabilities in order to know the software possibilities to performance this analysis or, otherwise, I need programm it (math channel, external aplication...). Thanks in advance.
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 03.08.2012 13:34
Hello Alberto, We would need more information on the setup... What exactly is "FFT of orbit"...? You can do FFT of AI or calculated math channel... is it possible to send specifics to support mail, so we can excange documents? Best regards, Marjan Grilj, support at dewesoft org
Alberto Ortega

Posted on 06.08.2012 12:26
Hi Marjan, Thank's for your help. I'll try to simplify my query. Is the Full Spectrum of a X-Y pairs included in Dewesoft? Is there any way to implement it? The Full Spectrum is a common function in the analysis of rotating machinery. Best Regards
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 20.08.2012 07:39
Hello Alberto, According to developers this is not a functionality that is currently planned or on TO DO list. Best regards, Marjan.
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