FRF Geometry Import

Nathan Brower

Posted on 26.11.2019 21:06

Is there a way to import more than just points in the FRF Geometry editor? I used GMSH to generate a simple flat plate with planes, lines, and points, but only the points show up when I import it.

I checked the *.unv file, and it has the 2411 format data for points, and the 2412 format data for lines (linear beams, ID # 21) and planes (thin shell linear quadrilateral, ID # 94). Does Dewesoft X3 not support those *.unv data types? I really don't want to manually re-create all of the geometry in Dewesoft X3 if at all possible, so I would appreciate any workarounds.

The image on the left is what I'm seeing in Dewesoft X3, and on the right you can see the points that are importing correctly at the top, and the lines that aren't importing at the bottom.

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Jernej Sirk
NVH Application Engineer
Posted on 27.11.2019 08:55

Dear Nathan,

Dewesoft supports the next UNV format as the geometry.

2420 - coordinate system

2411 - nodes

2416 - trace lines

2412 - surfaces

Best regards,

Nathan B

Posted on 02.12.2019 15:27

Thanks Jernej, I got it working now.

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