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Jon Arnason

Posted on 16.07.2019 21:48


I have a data set here that I only want to extract the maximum values for each peak that occurs. Here is a zoomed out picture of the graph

Here is a zoomed in version of a single peak. I would only like to take the maximum value that is shown as circled on the picture. Any other values here are not critical.This is on the "Torque" Channel of the data.

Is this possible to do with a formula or statistical formula with a trigger of some sort? I have sent my datafile to the DEWESoft Support email. I have tried to do a sample based max with a trigger level of 10 Nm, but it seems each max that it plots is plotting it one sample too late. We want the values at the exact maximum not one step after. As seen in the picture below.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 17.07.2019 10:04

Dear Jon,

in the BS settings please change the mode to simple edge "Negative". In this case also the current peak will be included in the calculation.


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