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A Sam

Posted on 04.05.2017 19:13

Hi there,

I was wondering if the GigE Interface 14-bit digital video stream of the Flir A6750sc IR camera could be recorded through Dewesoft, similar to a normal GigE video camera ? I have attached snapshot from the camera manual that refers to the GigE compatibility info, where it mentions that the PC application should be based on BHP SDK, which I am not sure about.

The investigation involves locating hot spots on the rail from a moving train.

Thanks for your help.

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DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 08.05.2017 08:32


1. Any camera using the GigE protocol can be used with DEWESoft directly, but will only be partially supported. It works with our GigE driver that comes with DEWESoft. You may need to change the data settings in the camera though the camera's software. Then you will get the colored picture according to the settings in the camera, but no information about the temperature, since it is handled as a video and not as data.

2. If you would actually like to get the temperature readings in the form of data points, you will have to use a dedicated plugin that's compatible with the camera. We're currently using a third party plugin called ThermoConnetor to interface with FLIR cameras. Unfortunately The FLIR A6750sc camera is not supported at the moment by the ThermoConnetor plugin, but it can be added. The trouble is that the “SC” cameras are generally highly customized for a particular task/customer, so the plugin developer needs to have the camera on the table for a week or two to make sure it's giving the correct data.

To recap, you can use the camera like any GigE camera with DEWESoft, but you'd need to purchase a plugin and share the camera with the ThermoConnetor team to get it fully implemented and be able to read temperature values. For any further questions, you can contact "" directly, who will be able to answer any FLIR related questions.

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