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Phil Gooch

Posted on 24.03.2019 21:45

I need to apply filters to acceleration inputs according to the attached requirements. I only have a basic knowledge of signal filtering so would appreciate some guidance on this.

1) With reference to requirement a, how do I specify the 24dB/octave?

2) With reference to requirement b, how do I establish the dominant frequency? I assume this can only be established after the test has been performed? Again, how do I specify a filter roll-off of 24 dB?

3) I dont know where to start with requirement c.

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DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 19.04.2019 12:38

Dear Phill,

to add the filter that have 24dB/octave specification, you need to select a 4th order filter in Dewesoft. One order represent the 6dB/octave change of the signal.

The dominant frequency is the frequency of the signal you are using. Due to the dominant frequency you can then select the Bad pass filter with the wanted cutoff frequencies. Again the 24dB/octave is a 4th order filter in Dewesoft.

You can use Basic statistic math to calculate RMS. You can use Block Based calculation type, where you define the time of the block size used for the calculation.

If you need any additional information please let us know.


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