File storing error X2 SP10

Henrik Sonnergård

Posted on 22.02.2019 11:36


We're running X2 SP10 with DEWE-43 modules in car testing, with 'fast on trigger', multifile and dxz options selected. Normally we end up with one dxz file, but in some instances we're getting two files after a measurement. One dxd file and one dxz file, where the dxz file can't be opened and display the following error message:

"Invalid file structure. Data file is corrupted. Open data file~Access violation at address 0178B631 in module 'DEWESoftX.exe'. Read of address 00000000"

I guess for some reason the file couldn't be compressed to a dxz, but why does that happen? Is there any way to compress a dxd file after the measurement?

Thanks in advance, Henrik

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 26.02.2019 12:35

Dear Henrik,

we would need the corrupted data file, which can not be opened and look into it so we can know what exactly happened with it.

You can also export the data (*.dxd) into (*.dxz) in the Analyze/export settings.


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