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Helmut O'Brian

Posted on 21.01.2021 12:53


I am using a SIRIUS 8xSTG to see a signal in Volts from the first channel. This one is configured this way : 100 kHz sampling frequency, no filter.

I added a FFT indicator on my screen and I this below :

We can see that DEWESoft is adding a vertical RED line. This one is located at 38 kHz approximately.

So, I couldn't find any useful information about why 38 kHz ? I found this in the SIRIUS documentation, but still can't understand why 38 kHz ?

Can you tell me how is this frequency calculated in my case (100 kHz sample rate / no filter) ?


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Matic Pevec
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 22.01.2021 10:30

Dear Helmut,

Red vertical line represents the bandwidth. If you zoom in the frequency axis in the FFT you will see exactly the same value as in Ch. setup.


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