FFT Analysis on multiple "runs"

Kierstein Casto

Posted on 09.11.2018 18:31


Using DEWESoft X3 SP4, I am looking to record data from an accelerometer while performing a vehicle speed sweep. Ideally, a total of 5 speed sweeps would be performed, outputting 5 different data sets. I was wondering if there was a way to overlay all 5 data sets on the same FFT plot either by

1) Analyze multiple files on the same FFT plot (ie Data_001, Data_002, Data_003, etc) or

2) Setup the file to overlay "runs" on the same FFT plot (all data can be stored in the same file, if needed, or can be stored as a multifile)

Thanks in advance for your help.


Aljaž Kropivšek
Senior Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 10.11.2018 06:25

Hello Kierstein,

you can open the first data file in analysis and then use the import function to import the relevant channels:

Here you can add multiple files at once:

Then select the channels you want to import and click the "Import channels" button to import them:

After the channels have been imported, you can graph them all at once on a single graph:

I hope this helps.


Kierstein Casto

Posted on 13.11.2018 15:18

Thank you Aljaž for the quick and helpful response! I do have one more follow up question.

On the FFT plots, I know you can add the max peak values by using the max marker option.

Is there a way to save these values as a math/input channel so they can be used to create a new, separate plot?

Thanks again,