Extracting Alarm condition data

A Sam

Posted on 02.08.2016 16:08

Hi there,

We are conducting a vibration survey and I have setup Dewesoft to trigger a Digital Output signal every time an alarm condition (high shock ) is recognized during the survey. Is there anyway I can use the digital signal (or the alarm settings) to output the shock value and other recorded parameters at that instance, into a table ? If not do you have any suggestions on how I will be able to quickly extract at least the high shock values when the DO signals went high.

Also, just wondering if there is a way to enter custom values for the low pass filter value under Analog Channel setup. I like to use 5kHz LP filter during our survey, but the SW gives a 3kHz and 10kHz options, but nothing in between.


Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 03.08.2016 07:17

Hi Sam,

you can use the latch value math to record the data you want what a defined condition is met. In the attached setup is an example on how to use this math for an application like you described. Latch value math will store one sample of each channel you select into a table at the trigger time.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use custom values for low pass filter on the AI, but you can select no filter and then filter the inputs using the filters in math.

If you have any questions about the setup or any other question please let me know.

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Shaun Maconaghy

Posted on 04.09.2018 20:53

I am attempting to use latch math in a similar way, however the sampling rates of the input channel is different than the latch criteria setting. Is there a way around this problem? In an attempt to keep file size small I am sampling pressures at 50 Hz. I have a turbine flow meter that requires a sampling rate of 1000 Hz to read full flow. Therefore I have the dynamic acquisition rate set at 1000 Hz for the counter and specify the AI channels to be at 50 Hz. The trouble is that my formula math channels for the AI inputs are all at 1000 Hz. I want to output the AI input value (50 Hz) when the formula value (1000 Hz) is true. The display says "Input channels with sample rate divider are not allowed"

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